MDLF Departments

General Manager:


  • Execute Board policies and guidelines in an efficient and effective manner
  • Coordinate with donors countries
  • Recommend strategies, policies and mechanisms to better serve and enhance LGU performance.
  • Monitor, through department heads, daily activities and take necessary action required.



Operation manager:

  • Coordinate with the executive director on status of MDLF projects and activities.
  • Manage the implementation of MDLF projects through the financial and technical staff.
  • Generate necessary technical reports and statistics on needed basis.



Internal Audit Department

  • Plan, scope and execute assessments, evaluations and audits over policies, procedures and systems, and assess the adequacy of controls surrounding operations relating to Financial, Administrative and HR, Procurement, Projects Implementation, and Information Technology within the MDLF.
  • Identify, analyze, assess and report risks related to key processes and strategic objectives.
  • Propose and recommend process improvements where applicable and where value is added.
  • Monitor open outstanding issues to ensure proper closure and prepare follow up reports.
  • Report initial audit results, recommendations and follow up results to management.
  • Prepare and issue to the Board of Directors (BoD) final periodic Internal Audit reports that include all findings and exceptions along with related implications and management responses.


Strategic Planning and External Relations Department:

  • Develop the MDLF strategic plan.
  • Conduct analysis of projects to determine effectiveness and impacts.
  • Report to donors and contributors on the activities, achievements and performance of the fund.
  • Operate program of public information for stakeholders and the public.
  • Maintain ties with donors and contributors, current and prospective.


Technical Department:

  • Appraise municipalities’ projects and review technical documents, designs, and clear the bids.
  • Monitor implementation of projects to ensure compliance with grant conditions and achieve planned impact.


human resources department:


  • Develop and implement human resources policies, training and development.
  • Maintain MDLF property and premises and procure goods.

  • Financial Department:

    • Perform all accounting activities and prepare financial reports.
    • Advise the fund on its financial position.



    Institutional and Technical Assistant Department:

    • Assess capacity building requirements of LGU’s.
    • With Technical Operations group, build integrated capacity building elements in service-improvement projects.
    • Provide assistance to LGU’s in the design of capacity building projects.
    • Monitor implementation of projects to ensure they achieve planned impact.
    • Responsible for ensuring that all contractual obligations undertaken by fund are fully discharged.
    • Manage and monitor procurement activities