AFD Country desk officer for Palestine in a visit to the MDLF

General Manager of the Municipal Development and Lending Fund, Mohammad Alramahi, met the AFD Country desk officer for Palestine Mrs Irène Salenson, and the AFD Country Director Mr. Martin Parent, to discuss MDLF Different programs including the one supported by AFD with focus on the new intervention in MDP4.

Mr. Alramahi welcomed the visiting delegation and expressed MDLF deep gratitude for the aid and support provided by the AFD to the Palestinian people. He underscored the productive partnership with the AFD and commended the efforts made to reinforce local government units. He also reiterated the necessity to enhance cooperation into new areas and programs.

A long discussion started on the needs of municipalities for the coming period and development of the local government sector in Palestine, they discussed the participation of the French Agency in the fourth phase of the Municipal Development Program, in addition to the Agency's support for the marginalized areas development program, and solid waste management project in the Gaza Strip, and the municipal slaughterhouse project in Jericho, which is funded through the French Development Agency.

In the end, Mrs Irène Salenson expressed her admiration and appreciation of the programs achieved by MDLF and confirmed AFD intent to continue supporting MDLF and its efforts to develop the local government sector in Palestine and provide a better life for the Palestinians.